For the longest time, independent forwarders had no choice.  If they were going to work with agents overseas, those agents would be independents, like themselves.  This is referred to as the Agent to Agent model.

The negatives of this model are well known.  Agents can and often do, change, leaving things up the in air.  There is very little leverage, in case things get off the tracks.  There is low loyalty because agents want to dance with everyone at the party.   Business development is a hit or miss proposition, and opening new markets to accommodate clients, can be a high risk gamble.

This has all changed for the better.

With a network model, like Globalink, you enter into a family of pre-screened, quality companies who look to do business within the network, because the protections and support they find there.   Building relationships within the network means you come to know all your trading partners, well, not just the few you do business with on a day to day basis.  Best yet, with the network management team sitting in the middle of these relationships, you are assured of far more support, leverage and communication in ways that just aren’t possible in the Agent to Agent model.

All Globalink members enjoy a working platform that greatly mitigates the risk of this old agent to agent approach.  All our members know that we can ask members to hold payments and hold shipments across the network, if need be to bring leverage to a situation if need be.  With our Slow Payers Listing and our Black list, we can bring lots of pressure to bear if needed.  Globalink’s Platinum Plus Protection provides security and financial reimbursement should a member declare insolvency or go bankrupt.  None of this is possible in an Agent to Agent model.

However the best part is that for those who use this tool properly, they build business, for a cost far lower than they could do in house.


So, why would anyone stay in an Agent to Agent model?

The Globalink Network is a far better tool that has proven its effectiveness for over 14 years now.   We’d appreciate a chance to show you how we can help you build your business.