One of the very best benefits of membership in The Globalink Network is the opportunity to participate in our Annual Meeting. We all know that its very important to visit your trading partners, and to meet them face to face. When one considers how much time and money it costs your company to visit even a dozen of your trading partners, it adds up quickly.

Members of Globalink pay a small fraction of those costs to meet ALL their Globalink trading partners in one place, all at one time. These savings alone more than pay for their membership. Mixing some fun with work, members really come to know their other Globalink partners, worldwide, after a few years.


Globalink Members are surveyed at the end of each meeting, and have consistently ranked our Annual Meeting as excellent. Check out the comments from the last few years, 2012, 20132014 ,2015, and 2016.

Visitors are welcomed at our meetings, but only Globalink Members are allowed to preschedule networking meetings using our ONE on ONE meeting scheduler.

For information on 2017’s upcoming meeting- check back soon!!