Everyone talks about Quality


I don’t think there is a business, or a network in our Industry, that doesn’t talk about, promote or promise quality.  This happens so much we don’t even question this anymore.

The question is what is their approach to quality?  What do they do that provide evidence that they actually do something about this?

At Globalink we have built our network on the time tested concept that GOOD RELATIONSHIPS with GOOD COMPANIES builds GOOD BUSINESS.  

This only works because of our commitment to quality in what we do. For instance, we are the only network we know of, that provides our Members with a Quality Feedback Tool, much like Ebay, that allows member to rank other Members services, and this is published in our Directory.    Without quality feedback, how does anybody improve?

The questions in our Quality Feedback Tool come directly from our Common Agency Agreement that all Members sign.  This is way beyond a list of Member Commitments.  This document sets standards of how Members should operate with one another across a range of topics.  Again, Globalink is one of the few networks we know that ask Members to sign such a document.

There are two reasons we require this.  We believe that by asking for a higher level of commitment from our Membership, we attract and retain an higher quality Member.  Those looking to be held to higher standards, tend to be committed to quality.  Also, by setting standards, Globalink is much better able  to support and help in supporting quality Member to Member Relationships, than networks without such a structure.

We also believe that the best Members come from existing Members.    A large number of our Members come from existing Member Referrals.   In fact, Globalink provides a higher level of incentive for such referrals to its Members, than any other network.

We believe high quality Members deserve the highest quality tools.  Globalink’s World Trade Resource is not a set of internet links, but the highest quality resource available, in the world.  It costs us a yearly subscription to insure its updated and accurate. But our Members have a resource to share with their clients and their employees.  It’s not about talking about quality, or pasting it on the website.Its about committing to it, and having it show up in how you conduct your business.

I welcome your feedback or input,

Bill Siemens, CEO, The Globalink Network