I would like to share my thoughts with you on the recent meeting in New York.

It was held primarily to discuss the impact Amazon may have as it moves into logistics and also to discuss other factors that may have an effect on our industry.

It was very good to greet old friends and to meet new ones. The initial mood was quite upbeat and having read the Agenda, I thought I was in for a pleasant morning’s discussion.

How wrong I was. The more we delved into Amazon, the more somber the meeting became.


Numbers (beyond our imagination), facts, figures ensued, news articles and opinions from industry experts. It painted a very scary picture!

The truth is that no one in the room or indeed anyone outside of Amazon, fully understands them. However, based on prior performance and a knowledge of their capabilities, you can have a very good idea of where they are heading.

What we do know is that Amazon :Capture2

  • Has huge resources
  • Is very secretive
  • Very clever
  • Thinks outside the box
  • Single minded in pursuit of its goals


We then examined other factors that will affect our business and discussed how software and technology has already changed many other industries.  Some have not seen a change coming until it is way too late.

But the threats to our industry are very real.

Hands up – Who is suffering from eroding margins?

Our core services, air freight, ocean freight and transportation are no longer necessarily our growth engines.

So what do we have?     What can we do?      What have we got?

Recognize that we are all different – yet we have friendships – we have business relationships

We each have our own expertise and the ability to make quick decisions.


So we have :               •Diversity           •Expertise           •Flexibility

And a Network to share it with.

Our friend ‘Freight’ has got us to where we are today. But its days might be numbered. The likes of Amazon could do it better.

So we need to build upon our core services.

When Amazon develops a platform , it eventually offers it out to third parties.

This is what we should do.  Our third party is our Network.

Those of us who work in Niche markets should consider if it can be extended into the network.

Capture5Those of us that offer Value Added Services should also consider if they can be shared and expanded upon by developing them with our Network Partners.

Those of us that have the time should look at our current businesses and think about developing profitable bolt on value added services.

We need to harness our diversity and expertise and push it out into the Network.

Explore what we have and how we can share and build upon it.

We are all so busy with the day to day activities of running our businesses.

Sometimes you cannot see the wood because of the trees.  The danger is that something can sneak up on you and catch you unawares.

It is only at meetings such as this, where you have the opportunity to discuss and look at the wider issues. We were honest, we were sincere and we opened our minds. It hurt us.

I wanted to share that with you.


So maybe :    Good Relationships + Application = Securing your Future