We bit off a lot.

This year, as with every year, we brought the GLNK team together to talk about goals and objectives.  The results were exciting.

I has been promoted to the role of Marketing Manager.  Jennifer Lang will be taking over many of my former duties, like accounting, billing and collections.

We have committed to a three year plan of greatly increasing our footprint all over the internet.  I will be leading an effort to:

1. Increase our profile and presence with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2.  We will be actively pursuing more “Blog” activities, up to an including setting up a blog by the name of CARGO SPECIALISTS, designed to engage with the Industry across a number of topics.

3. We will be putting out Press Releases going forward.

4. Our newsletter, as you can see, will be quarterly and upgraded across the board.

5. We intend to upgrade our website, both in look and social media appeal.



We also reviewed a number of our internal processes and have streamlined a number of those, including being more in touch with the membership.

Also, we intend to help Members take more advantage of our referral program to help them lower their cost of participation.

All in all, its a lot, and its all aimed at increasing the value and visibility of your membership.

If you would like to join our CARGO SPECIALISTS LinkedIn Group, please make that request here: CARGO SPECIALISTS