Donald Trump. Brexit. Conflict in the Middle East. Amazon moving into the shipping industry. Living and running a business in the modern world is complicated. How do we fortify our businesses and our lives so that we stay afloat?

It is true what they say, that there is strength in numbers. What we have been talking about here at Globalink lately is that all of these recent events only deepens the need for a strong network, for strong relationships with great companies worldwide.

Keith Ferrazzi, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, an enterprise consulting, research and training firm, says “Our research shows that the number-one predictive element of an individual’s success is the number, the quality, and the depth of social capital—the personal relationships among those that they do business with”.

We strengthen each other, and we thrive in the face of conflict when we are working together, finding value added niche revenue, and when we are being creative.

We always say that you can’t expect a tool to produce results when you don’t bring the effort. Consider that every time you are calling a colleague, or sending an email to check in, you are making an investment in growing your social capital, which is where the long term benefit comes from.

Are you being proactive with your relationships? Or is the world going to yank out the table cloth from underneath you?

Know that we are always here to assist you, and be creative with you. After all, being creative is what makes business fun!