Here at Globalink we are happy to announce new website features!

The new website will allow you to “own” your profile and is also quite a bit more user friendly.

The directory works much the same as it has in previous years with the exception that there is a better quality ranking tool at work here and a few more user friendly additions.

The new quality ranking tool now, in addition to the standard ranking process before, allows you to write a review or to place comments along with your ranking. I encourage you to use this as much as possible!! This is a great benefit and if you can repeatedly get good reviews than you know the network sincerely values you and you are just that much more appealing to someone looking for an agent in your area.

The new website also allows you to customize your own profile. This year at the meeting in Australia we promised you a site that you could work with much like a social media site and we have delivered it! After logging into the site you will see your name on the top right, if you click here you will be taken to a page that allows you to customize your profile by: updating your contact information; changing email addresses; refreshing the company biography text within your profile; it allows you to update your logo; adjust key contacts; and you can even add a picture of your key contact to your profile as well.

We are working on a new search bar feature as well. While the website currently has this search bar option that the old site didn’t have, we would like to make this super special for you so we will be updating you about that in the future.

There are so many other little “tweaks” that we have made to the website that I am sure you will be happy to find.