Members pay annual dues to Globalink on a yearly basis. Dues are charged on the anniversary of a member’s date of acceptance. Members that are current with their payment of dues are considered as Members in Good Standing. Failure to pay membership dues on a timely basis, no later than thirty days from receipt of invoice, can result in the cancellation of a company’s membership privileges.

The costs of Annual Membership are as follows:

  • For the member main, or head office, the annual membership fee is USD, $2300.00 per year.
  • For each branch office, the annual membership fee is USD $1000.00, per year.

For companies with multiple branch offices, Globalink will consider negotiating a lower branch office rate. In some cases, and for some markets, Globalink may negotiate a discount off membership fees, to reflect market conditions.

The only other costs associated with Globalink Membership is a payment to the Platinum Plus Corporation and a wire transfer fee for international payments. Members also must cover the costs of their attendance at the annual Globalink General Meeting.

Platinum Plus is a program created to provide member-to-member financial protection in the case of a Globalink Member filing for bankruptcy, notification of insolvency or special cases of fraud. All members are required to participate in the Platinum Plus program. The cost is USD $500.00. This non-negotiable fee is a condition of membership . You are welcome to read more about this under, “About Globalink”.

The wire transfer fee is required to cover the costs of intermediary bank fees. Globalink does not make any money from this fee.

The costs to attend the Annual Meeting are posted on the Globalink Website in advance of the Annual Meeting. Globalink strives to present a very professional meeting, in a very nice surrounding, with substantial discounts to members for rooms and hotel services. The meeting is usually help over a three to three and a half day period. Members consistently score our meetings as excellent in our member surveys.

A Note About Buying “Cheaper”

Anyone can always find cheaper prices. However, cheaper can often cost a lot more, especially in this case. Globalink’s membership dues are consistent with at least four other networks. Anyone can do the math. Without certain revenue, the possibility of providing any kind of value or service to the membership is very low. Furthermore, members trust their customers to other network members, and not one of them is interested in risking their customers with the cheapest forwarder out there. Please give this some serious thought.

Our members are quality driven companies, and they are looking for partners with the same commitments. Networks that charge very low membership fees do so to attract lots of members. Trusting your customers to a network with this kind commitment to quantity, will usually wind up costing you a lot more in the long run, losing customers and business.

Membership Includes The Following:

  • Your membership secures one or more of the limited gateway positions in the network.
  • Membership includes listing in the Globalink Member Directory and designation as either a Founding Member or a Member in Good Standing. This includes roster updates and changes as needed.
  • The extensive list of Globalink programs is available only to Globalink Members (see About Globalink).
  • Membership includes all network communications and updates and advisory notices.
  • Invitation to the Globalink Annual Meeting, and other meeting events, is reserved for Globalink Members only.
  • Communication, assistance with member issues, assistance with finding agents as necessary and general support are all valuable benefits of membership.