Everyone wants to lower costs and save money. How does FREE SOUND?

We have found that some of our best members come as referrals from our existing members. The GLOBALINK REFERRAL PROGRAM looks to reward the WIN / WIN aspect of such referrals.

For every company your company refers to the network that becomes a MEMBER, Globalink gives you USD $500.00 credit against your membership renewal cost.

To be eligble for this credit, you must notify us in writing that you are referring the company. If you don’t notify us in advance, we have no way of tracking this referral to you, and we can’t issue the credit to you in this case.
Members who refer 4 or new companies that become members, during the time between our Annual Meetings, will receive A FREE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL for the upcoming year.
On free renewals, payment to Platinum Plus (if applicable) and payment of intermediate back fees still must be made.

Make it easy. Meet your trading partners at our Annual Meeting, every year.

Please contact us to find out more.
Bill Siemens, CEO, The Globalink Network