For those of us that have been around the forwarding business for a long time, we know that there are certain things that are always true.  In fact we come to rely on these truths to make good decisions.

Globalink is founded and is centered on this truth.  In fact our addition to this truth is that;


So at Globalink, we don’t follow the path of building membership numbers as many of the other networks do, we’re different.  

  • We are very selective as to which companies can join, and applicants must be in business for at least 4 years to even apply.  We are only interested in quality and the long term.
  • Most of new members come through referrals from existing members, which means they are well known and trusted.  It also means that our membership is willing to share the value they receive from Globalink with their friends and colleagues.
  • At Globalink we think you attract GOOD COMPANIES by asking for a higher level of commitment than most other networks.  Just a few examples are that we don’t allow “trial” memberships, all our Members sign a common Agency Agreement, and all our Members commit to attending our Annual Meetings.
  • Members must maintain their status as a Members In Good Standing, or they are asked to leave the network.

Joining a network is a long term commitment and investment.  This is why we believe you should join a network with a proven concept.  For over 14 years, The Globalink Network has proven our members enjoy a strong return on their investment as well as lifelong relationships.

I welcome your comments.

Bill Siemens, CEO, The Globalink Network