This Globalink brochure has been set up to be printed 11″H x 17″W and is folded in half along the vertical center.

To download the artwork, simply click on the links below, please note the artwork has been zipped up to make it easily transportable over the Internet. Just use WinZip to unzip the files, most computers now come with this standard, you can also download the program free of charge at

You will notice that when you unzip the artwork there are 3 files in it: there are 2 .tif files and 1 .pdf file (also known as an Adobe Acrobat file). The two .tif files are the outside of the brochure and the inside, the .pdf file (or Adobe Acrobat file) contains both the front and back in one file. Ask your printer which version is more preferable to him/her, both file formats contain the same artwork, providing you with both is simply a means to give your printer an option which one he/she wants to print.

Remember to fill in your contact information on the bottom under the “Your Local Globalink Representative is:” You will want to have your printer enter this information in or “typeset” before you print the brochure.

Both .tif and .pdf artwork files are “print ready” and will be acceptable to your local professional printer, in addition to asking which file format your printer would like to use, he or she will want to know about the file specifications, give them the following information and they will be able to tell you they can print the artwork for you:

  • This brochure has been set up in a color space called “CMYK”
  • This brochure has been set up at 300 DPI (dots per inch)
  • There is a .25” bleed all the way around the artwork so the printer can trim it to exactly 11″H x 17″W. The artwork in these files is really 11.5″H x 17.5″W but the printer will cut it down so it’s perfectly 11″H x 17″W. This is called a full bleed, your printer will know exactly what this means.
  • There is a gutter of .25” from the edge of the document and from the fold in the middle. This will ensure no text gets cut off or folded over
  • You will probably want to have the artwork printed on 80 lb or 100lb gloss or coated stock, the 100lb will be a little heavier and will have a much more professional feel to it