Glnk_LogoA Few of the Benefits of being a Globalink Member


1.     Our whole approach is based on the concept that GOOD RELATIONSHIPS with GOOD COMPANIES builds GOOD BUSINESS.  No one disagrees with this concept.

Benefit:  Globalink is the most efficient and effective way to find new trading partners worldwide. Rather than emailing for agents, or spending all kinds of time on Social Media, why not build relationships with qualified companies already looking to build business? This saves time, reduces risk and  increases results with less effort.


2.     Hiring sales people is expensive and risky.  Why not out source?  For a flat fee membership, you gain an“outsourced” agency sales effort, bringing new partners to your company for a cost far below what it would cost you to duplicate this in house.  We sell for you, bringing quality trading partners directly to you, consistently..

Benefit: Your flat fee membership actually gets more cost effective all the time.  In addition to our 140 members, new members are regularly being added, usually 3 – 5 a month.

The more active you get with the network,the less expense your investment represents. Your cost of sales actually decreases as you build relationships within the Globalink Network.


3.     As the World Economy slows, continuing to work within an “Agent to Agent” model gets more risky every day.  And, if things go wrong, you have little or no leverage.  We offer a  “Network” model, that is far safer, with far more leverage and support to mitigate risk and promote good relationships in ways an “Agent to Agent” Model can’t possibly offer.

Benefit:  Working within our network of quality partners greatly mitigates your risk as our Agency Agreement sets standards that are monitored by all the members   If anyone is out of compliance, we know it, quickly. If someone is slow pay, we have a number of programs and leverages we can bring to bear.  We also offer bankruptcy and insolvency protection.  Having the support of the network management is priceless in supporting good relationships.Your benefit is a far less risky, more supported and protected  environment for your clients and your money. 


4.     Once a year all Globalink Members come together at our Annual Meeting.

Benefit:  For probably 1/10 the cost in time and money needed to visit your trading partners,you come to one place at one time, and meet over 140 new Trading Partners, each of whom signed commitments to support other Globalink members.  This can’t be done without a network in place.  GLOBALINK  SAVES TIME AND MONEY.


These are but a few of our benefits. We would like to explore these and others with you.


Bill Siemens,President