Our mission is to grow a worldwide network of members with the goal of being the best in their markets. As a key part of that goal, these firms realize that actively pursuing the development of quality relationships across a network is supportive of that goal. Together, our combined efforts in expanding the value of the network, in turn, contribute to each member’s success.

At Globalink we are committed to being the best. Consequently, we think it important that our members meet certain criteria, as follows.

  1. Companies applying for membership must have been established in the freight forwarding and/or logistics business for a minimum of 4 years
  2. Applicants must submit three (3) references from agents they currently do business with, outside the country in which they are located. Email addresses must be provided.
  3. Applicant must confirm if their company is an IATA agent (or CASS participant), or not.
  4. Globalink prefers companies that are not in other networks. Companies that are in more than 2 networks in addition to applying for Globalink membership might not be approved for membership.
  5. Applicants must be members in good standing in international organizations, and indicate those organizations. Please indicate any certifications or organizations your firm is currently pursuing.
  6. Each applicant must read the list of Globalink Commitments, and verify that their company will support these commitments. This page must be printed out, signed by a principal of the company and faxed (U.S). 1-760-266-5211 to Globalink.
  7. All Members of Globalink must participate in the Platinum Plus Program, outlined on the Website.
  8. All members of Globalink sign and operate in accordance with Globalink’s Agency Agreement.

Applying for membership is easy. Please fill out the on line Application Form, and a Globalink represent2ative will contact you to explore this opportunity.

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