I would like to thank you all for the feedback we have been receiving about the new applicants, your experience and comments have been very helpful to us!

   As you all know, as with members, applicants, or perspective applicants, communication is key; it is imparative to know that your agent is relaiable and trustworthy.

   As many of you also know, we provide a list to you, in the “Member’s Only” section of the website where we keep an updated list of those companies that we have either terminated, or have received proof of delinquent or fraudulently business practices.

   We are now raising the bar…

   Globalink has teamed with CIFFN as well as WWPC to keep this list as current and accurate as possible, not only with the information we receive, but also with the information or experience that they have received as well to help better protect the membership.

   We here at the Globalink Network believing in protecting our members. By providing a value to them through the membership. We constantly say that Good Relationships with Good Companies build Good Business, we are proving this yet again. By compiling this list with that of other network it helps everyone to mitigate their risks and increase the value.

   If you would like to look at the new updated page you can find it in the “Directory” section of the “Member’s Only” area.

   If you have any questions or if there is ever anything that we can do to be of assistance please let me know as we are always here to help.