Our Mission is to build the best network in the business while partnering with each other to build business and market awareness.

  • Our definition of best does not track to the concept of being the biggest network with the most members. To build a large list of members one would keep restrictions and commitments expected to a minimum, otherwise you would be working at cross purposes.
  • Our definition of best means high quality members who make serious commitments to one another and to our network and who are held accountable to those commitments.
  • Webelieve that our members are better served and will grow more business and come into more opportunities to expand their offerings and revenue base by working with a smaller number of high quality companies, by building relationships with each other, and strategically supporting one another.




Our policies continue to evolve. We come together at our annual meetings and discuss various aspects of the network, generating agreements that further our mission. Globalink policies are additional commitments we make to one another and the network. Our policies will be updated from time to time.




Members who are current with their payments to the network and their member partners and are in compliance with Globalink commitments, policies and agreements are considered a “Member in Good Standing”.

Should a member violate any Globalink policy or agreement they will be notified by the network of such violation(s) and requested to come into compliance within a given time frame. Should this not occur in the time requested, the network and the particular member will be notified that this member has lost its status  as a “MEMBER IN GOODS TANDING”.

  • The network will be notified and their Directory listing will be colored red to indicate they are not a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING. Members will be notified to carefully consider doing any business with Members Not in Good Standing.
  • he network may request that the membership hold all payments due the member and shipments, if necessary, until the situation is resolved to the network’s satisfaction. All Globalink Members agree to support this request.
  • Members can be restored to MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING status by responding to the issue and coming into compliance with the network, as confirmed by Globalink Management. Any member that loses its status  as a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING more than twice shall be terminated from the network.
  • Members that are not in good standing forfeit their Platinum Plus protection per the terms of Platinum Plus.
  • Members that are not in good standing also lose the protection of their markets lot for the Directory, allowing the Network to add another member in that marketplace.




Globalink reserves the right to terminate any member, at anytime, whose behavior, in any way violates affects or exposes GLNK, Inc., dba The Globalink Network, to any legal liability, especially in regards to the Laws of the United States, United States Labor Law, and/or any Law that may affect GLNK, Inc., dba, The Globalink Network, adversely in anyway. Globalink maintains a zero tolerance stance in cases of sexual harassment, which directly violates U.S. LaborLaw.




In some cases, some Members operate as part of an overall group of companies. It can be very confusing for other members dealing with company names that are not included in our Directory, and this creates confusion as to who is covered by Platinum Plus and who is not. To address this issue, all GLOBALINK MEMBERS, who operate as part of a group of companies, must inform the Globalink Offices as to their group and the companies in that group that may interact with other Members. An Icon will be placed on their Directory listing, indicating this Member operates within a group. Upon clicking that Icon, a page will be opened explaining the connections with the companies within the group. It is the responsibility of the Member in this situation to supply the page to us, explaining how the  group is  connected and the names of the other entities in the  group. We refer to this process as “registering” the group with the network. Unless, and until this is completed by a member in this category, there can be no Platinum Plus coverage extended to any of the other companies in that group.




All Globalink invoices are due upon receipt of the invoice bye mail. Failure to pay invoices in a timely manner shall result in the addition of an added late payment penalty charge and/or the loss of being a Member in Good Standing.

  • Most Globalink Invoices are paid by Wire Transfer. Globalink assess a USD $25.00 wire fee on all invoices to help make up the losses we incur from intermediate bank fees which get assessed against your payments. We do not make money on this fee, and in fact still lose on these deductions. However by adding this fee to all invoices we limit our losses in this area.
  • If you choose to pay Globalink by PAYPAL, Globalink assesses 10% fee on the total invoice amount. This is necessary due to the amount of money deducted by PAYPAL and to compensate for the length of time PAYPAL holds the money before transferring it to our account.
  • If you choose to pay Globalink Invoices by CHECK, the check must be drawn on a USA bank, in US Dollars and mailed from the USA. There would be no wire fee or credit card fee applied. However payment by check must not take more than 7 days for Globalink to confirm receipt offunds.
  • Globalink Membership Invoices are sent out two to three weeks before the membership term expires. Members are notified 1 week before their Membership term expires should payment not be received. Once the Membership term expires, the Membership is to be notified and the Member is at risk of losing their status as a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING. If the amount remains open for an additional 5 business days, then the member is notified that they have lost their MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING status. The entire network will be notified of change in status. If their invoice is not paid within another 5 business days, they will be terminated from membership.




Our network does not currently offer receivables payment protection as some other networks claim to do. We have yet to see one of those programs work very well. Therefore all Globalink Members are advised to protect themselves and be very careful with how they issue credit to other members. Globalink will do everything we can to assist with any collection issues but we do not guarantee we will always be able to help you collect all your money.

Globalink Members are advised to be very clear with one another in regards to payment terms. It is your responsibility to make clear your payment terms to the other Member. The clearly communicated credit terms or policies of any member issuing credit to another member always take precedence over any Globalink Policy. If your partner can not work with those terms, then so be it. In the absence of any clear agreement on payment terms between members, the terms of our Globalink Agency Agreement will be applied.

Our network offices stand ready to provide informal “credit assessments” for any member and feel free to use us for this service.

As a condition of membership with the Globalink Network ALL MEMBERS AGREE that should they be asked by Globalink to hold payments to any other members for the purpose of protecting the payment of another member, they agree to do so. Should such funds be distributed to the Member owed the payment by the late or nonpaying member, that this is an agreed upon process and that by their ongoing participation with Globalink, they have acknowledged that they accept this practice. Members may be asked to hold shipments of the offending party as additional leverage. All Globalink Members agree upon this process and that by their ongoing participation with Globalink, they have acknowledged and accept the terms of this practice.

Globalink also features a SLOW PAYERS list. Payment terms as specified in our Agency Agreement exist only to cover the absence of a clear agent to agent agreement. It is always your responsibility to clearly communicate yourpayment terms, and any other trading terms specific to your company, before accepting to do any work for another member. Members can always accept or reject such terms as a prelude to doing business.

If a member accepts payment terms and breaches these terms, then the member who is owed the money has the option to contact the Globalink Management to seek assistance. This is a serious action to contemplate; we highly suggest that if you owe money to a Globalink Member, you handle this as your top payment priority.

Once Globalink Management has been contacted, and a pattern of slow paying becomes known, Globalink will become directly involved with the parties to resolve the payment issue.  If, after Globalink has communicated a course of action, this action isn’t  enacted

quickly, then Globalink will add the slow payer to the Slow Payer List. Once a company has been placed on the Slow Payer List, it will be held there for a minimum of three months even after the amounts in question have been paid.

Again, your Globalink partners as your first priority.




Attending the Globalink Worldwide Meeting is a mandatory condition of membership and of retaining the status of being a Member in Good Standing in the network, on year by year basis.

  • If a member does not attend a worldwide meeting, they will be sent a formal notice from the network warning them that should they miss the following year’s meeting, they will lose their status as a Member in Good Standing for the entire upcoming year, thus removing them for Platinum Plus Protection for that time frame. In addition, their membership slot will be considered as vacated, which will open that slot upto the recruitment of another member in the same territory.
  • They can stay and operate in the network during this “penalty” year but without Platinum Plus Protection.
  • If this same member attends the Globalink Worldwide Meeting in the following year, there are no actions taken and they resume their Member in Good Standing status.
  • If the member misses the following meeting after receiving their notice, now having missed two meetings in a row, the actions as specified in thewarning letter will immediately be put in effect.
  • Please note that once a member misses their second meeting they can still recover their Member in Good Standing status by attending the upcoming years meeting.
  • If after attending a meeting resulting in the return to the status of a Member in Good Standing, the member must also attend the next meeting following this,or they will be considered as having missed three meetings. In other words, a member who misses two meetings must attend the following two meetings to continue with the network.
  • If a member misses three meetings, they will be terminated from the network.

The only acceptable reason for missing a meeting is a medical emergency, and this must be communicated and accepted by Globalink Management prior the meeting.

Our meeting is once a year and scheduling or cost considerations are not acceptable reasons to miss our meetings. Every member has these considerations, and the large majority of the membership finds a way to deal with them. It is precisely for this reason that we are so adamant about attendance. Every member is expected to respect the time, effort and expense put forward by their partners to attend the meeting, and make themselves available for networking and business discussions that take place over this short period of time.

Globalink has agreed that meetings should be moved around the world to various locations so that no one group of members is always burdened with longer travels. We tend to move the meetings EAST to WEST to EAST for this reason.

Meeting dates will always be posted at least 6 months in advance so that members can plan their schedules with plenty of notice, atleast 6 months in advance and usually much more.

  • Globalink makes financial commitments and plans based on member commitments. Once a member tells us they are coming, we make this commitment to the hotel. If the member does not come, they will be charged for their room, as their commitment goes into the overall Globalink Room Commitment. Members must understand that the hotel will penalize Globalink for not reaching their committed room numbers, regardless as to whether the member cancels their reservation in time for their own refund or not.Please be clear on this point, as Globalink cannot absorb these penalty charges and in cases like this, the room charge will be charged back to the member.
  • The same holds true for meeting charges outside of room charges. If a member indicates they are coming to the meeting and cancels sometime after that, they will be charged one full meeting charge for every person they register to compensate for the commitments and penalties from the hotel.

The Globalink Annual Meeting is perhaps one of the most important and most valuable aspects of your membership.  Good relationships build good business. To get the most out of the network, you have to think long term. Relationships are most valuable, long term. It takes time to maximize what’s possible. It doesn’t take much time to disappoint people that are counting on you. Do it consistently and no matter what your sales materials say, your reputation is made (and not the way that helps your business).

It’s all about commitment, and keeping your commitment to attend the Worldwide Meeting is keeping your commitments to all your partners, who are doing the same for you.




If a member books a ONE on ONE Meeting with another Member, and that Member doesn’t show up, then the offended member will have the choice of filling out a PENALTY CARD, which will be available at the meeting. The PENALTY CARD will identify the offending member.

The names of those with PENALTY CARDS will be shown to all members at the beginning of the next day’s session.

The offending member can get with the offended member and arrange to clean upthis mistake and arrange a meeting; otherwise, if the PENALTY CARD is not pulled by the offended member, it will continue in force and will be showed on the following morning. It is important that those offended give feedback to the Globalink representative managing the meeting.

For any member that has two or more PENALTY CARDS still open by the end of the Meeting, their company will be highlighted in Next Year’s ONE on ONE Scheduler as a company that has Penalties for not attending ONE on ONE meetings.




Our best members come from our best members. Globalink appreciates and supports those members who refer companies to the network who are interested in becoming members. This not only applies to referring companies to Globalink membership, but is also applies to referring companies to membership in our sister network, The Global Value Network.

  • For every company you refer to Globalink, we will either pay you or credit your membership renewal $500.00.
  • If you refer 4 companies that become members in one year and you do not elect to take your referral payment in cash, in either network, from one meeting to the next, your membership in either network of your choice, will be free. You will still have to pay for your Platinum Plus contribution, unless you have reached to maximum contribution already.
  • If you continue to refer companies, over 4, we will continue to pay you the referral fees, in essence paying you to be a Globalink or Global Value Member!
  • Members are ONLY eligible if they have submitted proof of referral or copied us (Globalinkstaff) in on their referral communication with Prospect Company. Please note that this is a first-come-first-served basis, if you and other member refer the same company, whomever referred first will receive the credit.




After approval by the Advisory Board, and as Announced at our 2013 Worldwide Meeting contributions to the Platinum Plus program will be capped for each member at USD $5,000.00.

Once a member has contributed this amount to Platinum Plus, over the course of their annual membership renewals, they will no longer be required to contribute any additional funds and will still receive the full coverage of the program, as a Member in Good Standing.

However should the fund drop by 30% or more at any time, this cap may be reviewed. This policy is retroactive to January 1, 2012.

Every Globalink Renewal Invoice will include a one line summary of monies contributed into Platinum Plus from date of joining to the current date.




Globalink reserves the right to increase its membership rates in accordance with increasing costs, from time to time.




The number of Globalink Members per market area is designed to allow Globalink Members direct access to their fellow members to maximize relationship building. Globalink is committed to having a minimum of two members for most markets, as we believe that two members will help provide choice and will minimize the tendency towards entitlement which shows up in networks with exclusive memberships.

Globalink is founded on the concept that “Good Relationships build Good Business”. We believe and common sense supports the fact that it is much easier to build good relationships of value with a highly motivated smaller group of quality companies.

It is our policy to associate the number of members in a country/market with the Gross Domestic Product size of that market. The large majority of countries justify two members, although there are some very small countries that only justify one member.There are only 16 countries that justify more than two members and these are the 16 largest economies in the World. It is our approach to slots in bigger economies in an approach relatively consistent with all other countries. Globalink reserves the right to reviewthisprocessfrom time to time, to accommodate changing conditions.

A market is defined either as a country (as in the case of smaller countries or countries of smaller shipping volumes) or as a major market area within a country, say Los Angeles or New York, London, or Mumbai. Globalink lists the number of memberships available next to the country listed in the Directory. We do this to make  the allotment clear and to indicate just how many members we have per allotment. It also prevents Globalink from overselling a given market area, which often happens with other networks. If you have a question as to the allotment for Globalink members in a given area, please direct your question to Bill Siemens(bsiemens@glnk.com).




Members are not permitted to market offices or locations via email to other Globalink Members unless those locations are listed in the Member Directory. This includes listing of any such offices in emails or correspondence.




No Globalink members shall solicit any other Globalink member for the purpose of having that member join another forwarder network that competes with Globalink for membership.




Globalink has spent considerable time and effort in attempting to find a blanket Errors and Omissions/Legal Liability Insurance coverage for the membership. We continue to work on this. It is proving to be a very difficult challenge given local regulations and restrictions in some countries. We believe members must provide each other with a proper assurance of coverage of this nature

We believe every member shall maintain an insurance coverage of atleast $50,000(USD) for Errors and Omission’s coverage or its equivalent as a condition of membership in the network.

Every member shall maintain an insurance coverage of atleast $250,000(USD) for Bill of Lading Legal Liability (also known as Cargo Legal Liability Coverage), or its equivalent, as a condition of membership in the network.

We think the best way to handle this important requirement is to make it a trading condition between individual members.

We have asked members to alert us if they currently have this coverage in place at or exceeding these minimum standards set by Globalink. If they confirm this, and it is verified, then we place a lightblue color on their listing in the membership directory in theMembers Only section. In this way, every member will know that this particular member has at least this minimum coverage.

As a member you have the right (as you would with any trading partner) to request and confirm if another member has coverage acceptable to you if you do not see it listed as such in the Globalink Directory. It is certainly any member’s prerogative to trade or not trade with another member depending on their comfort level with this coverage.




Members are expected to add the Globalink Logo to their email signatures, website, business cards and company letterhead.

The more you display the logo, the more you identify yourself as part of a world wide global organization that is committed to helping your company distinguish itself from the competition.

Members are welcome to use the Globalink Sales Brochure as well as The GlobalinkWorld Trade Reference, at no cost. Members are expected to rank one another using the Globalink Quality Ranking System connected with our Members Only Directory.

Members are encouraged to use the Globalink Quote Form on the Members Only menu page, and when this is done, Globalink will follow up to see that a response has been given in a timely manner. It helps our office track this when we are copied in on the replies to Member Quote Requests.

In short, Globalink provides a number of tools and programs. It is up to you, the member, to use them and promote them internally.



It is also up to you, as a Member in Good Standing, to hold all other members to these commitments.You are accountable to insure your interactions with all other members are inclusive of all the commitments and agreements we hold important. If a member does not show a logo, for instance, it is your responsibility, as much as anyone else’s, to point this out to the member. Take ownership, this is your investment, make the most of it.