Why the Globalink Network?

There is nothing more important for your business, especially in these uncertain economic times, that you grow your revenue and client base.

For over ten years the Globalink Network has consistently proven to independent freight forwarders around the world that its approach offers an effective, low cost, business tool that not only helps company’s build their business but also provides a very attractive return on their investment.

Globalink is a tool that works, if you work the tool. It is an excellent supplemental business growth strategy that offers a very low cost approach, and large upside benefits.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to continually build the best worldwide forwarder network in the industry and to partner with our members to increase business and market awareness.

Together, our combined efforts in expanding the value of the network, in turn, continues to contribute to each member’s expanding success.

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The Benefits of Membership

There are numerous benefits with Globalink, but the key benefit of our Network is for your company to access a very low cost approach to building your business. When one considers all the economic challenges these days, expanding your revenue base is the very best protection your business can enjoy.

Globalink offers your firm an “outsourced” agency sales program at a fraction of what it would cost you to duplicate this program in house. If you would like to read these benefits in more detail please click here: The Globalink Network Benefits.

In terms of working with agents around the world, you now have another choice.

The Globalink Network is far more cost effective, far less risky and with far more value for you, when compared to the traditional “Agent to Agent” model. If you are still operating in an “Agent to Agent” model, you are working in a model that can’t begin to approach the leverage, protection, and communication and support that the Globalink Network offers. For more on this please click on: Why Stay in an Agent To Agent Model?

Good Relationships Build Good Business

Freight Forwarding is a relationship based business, we all know this. And, we have yet to have anyone disagree with the above statement.

The question is how does one best build GOOD RELATIONSHIPS?

The Globalink Network was conceived and has been built upon this concept as we believe it to be at the core of what we are looking to deliver. Our approach is based on the following:

We think GOOD RELATIONSHIPS are not easily begun or maintained in a room with a thousand or more people. We reject the “Bigger is Better” concept that some Networks push, for this reason.

While we agree with keeping membership limited to two members for most countries, we do not agree with the concept of awarding exclusive territories with one member per territory. We’ve studied this and we know it doesn’t work. What happens with this approach is that inevitably the disease of entitlement creeps in, and the network suffers.

We limit membership to two members in most countries. We post the open slots in our Directory, so everyone can see, and so there will be no overselling of slots, which is often found in other networks. In larger countries there are more than two members, and this is established by comparatively ranking countries and markets by their GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

ship-at-dockGlobalink is dedicated to building a network of quality members, over numbers of members. We have strict guidelines for new members and existing members which we carefully enforce. Many networks say this, but Globalink has a proven track record in consistently managing this commitment. As to quality, we are the only network we know of that has a quality ranking system for our members that ties right into our Member Directory, helping keep the focus on quality and quality improvement. When it comes to commitment, we believe that by asking for a higher level of commitment of our members, we end up with higher quality members. We ask each of our members to not only sign a list of commitments to one another, but we are one of the few networks that ask each of the members to sign a common Agency Agreement. It’s more trouble, but it confirms commitment and provides the network with standards to manage against. In fact, we don’t see how other networks work without this?

In sum, we work hard to bring high quality committed partners together under common agreements, while supporting them in multiple ways to come together to build GOOD RELATIONSHIPS which we know BUILDS GOOD BUSINESS.

As a NON-EXCLUSIVE NETWORK, GLOBALINK is not about interrupting existing profitable relationships your company currently maintains with agents outside our network. We are about adding to those relationships in a low cost approach to expanding your trade lanes, your customer base and your revenues.

The Globalink Annual Meeting

Ultimately this business comes down to people and relationships. It’s also about saving money and maximizing your investment.

Globalink organizes an Annual Meeting that takes place in an upscale business setting each year. The staff at Globalink secures discounted accommodations and hotel services with the goal of keeping the meeting as economical as possible. Our group likes to mix business with some relaxation time and some pleasure, so we tend to pick resorts in good climates, often by a beach.

One could make the point that the k annual meeting provides the best bargain in our entire program. Rather than pay the price of traveling all over the world to meet and establish relationships with new trading partners, the annual meeting makes it possible to meet them all in one place, at one time.

The annual meeting promotes a combination of member networking, informative programs, as well as an opportunity for the members to provide input on the strategies and targets for the network at large, as well as to relax with one another and get to know each other socially.

Many of our members have figured out that it is in their best interest to invite many of their key partners into the Globalink Network, not only to take advantage of lowering their renewal costs through our referral credit benefit but also they get to meet all those key partners, every year at our meeting, all in one place at one time. It simply makes keeping up with one another so much easier and so much less expensive!

Globalink also organizes regional meetings from time to time based on member demand.

cargo-landingThe Globalink Difference

As one of the older networks in operation, we have come to know and understand our value. Since Globalink started, there has been an explosion of networks on the scene. Many have come and gone. Still others are doing all kinds of desperate things to build membership, up to and including giving away memberships, and not operating with any real or discernable standards.

While the network model offers a long list of benefits when compared to the old agent to agent model, all of which come with your Globalink membership, we are clear that our highest value is to provide our members with an excellent tool for them to use to build their business. The only reason to make this investment is to get a return. And, for members who utilize the tool, it works for them. As a Globalink Member, you have to bring some effort and you have to use the tool. Even the best shovel in the world will not dig a hole, if left in the shed.

We are building the best network in the industry, which means that we do not sacrifice quality for the sake of adding more members. It also means that our members come first. We are about partnering with our members to proactively define, develop and deliver programs aimed at increasing business and market awareness.

Another benefit that we have proven consistently over the years is our pledge to be there for our members. We see our role as one of facilitating communication and trust among our members. Whether it is supplying recommendations from the membership base, checking references or even assisting in recruitment efforts, the value of this resource can not be overstated and is easily verified by our Members!

The Globalink Concept

The Globalink Network is a non-exclusive worldwide network that is neutrally owned. The Globalink Network brings together the commitment and drive of independent forwarders with the extensive resources customarily reserved for large multinational forwarders, providing the ability for the independent forwarder to operate globally, with superior support locally.

It is our objective to provide our members with the tools to meet any service challenge, for any client, anywhere in the world. We intend to continue to identify programs and opportunities for our members to grow their business and increase their competitive edge.

The Globalink Structure

Globalink is a non exclusive forwarder network. Globalink members are selected pursuant to stringent criteria and geographic market considerations. Rather than appoint one member per market gateway, Globalink accepts a minimum of two members with a maximum of four for each market gateway (city). For example, the New York area will support the maximum of four members, while Sana’a, Yemen would never have more than two Globalink members. The size of the market area and the potential number of members is communicated to new members during the selection process and is clearly stated on our Member Directory.

Globalink will not continue to add members to a market that is considered full, and this can easily be verified by checking the number of members designated next to the city or gateway in the directory, versus the number of members listed for that gateway.

Each Globalink member signs a Members Commitment Form, which includes a pledge to support other Globalink members as much as possible. Globalink is also one of the very few networks that require its members to sign a common Agency Agreement. This not only demonstrates that Globalink Members make a higher level of commitment to the network, than in other networks; it also provides Globalink with a set of standards with which to hold members accountable should there be a lack of agreement between the parties prior to conducting business. Without such an agreement, we don’t see how a network can effectively manage affairs between members?

However, Globalink also recognizes the value of existing agent relationships and certainly respects those relationships among the membership. There is no need to consider changing any successful trading relationship, Globalink is all about adding a whole series of new trading partners to those relationships.

Globalink is a Texas corporation. In addition to the Globalink management staff, Globalink derives feedback and input from the Globalink Advisory Board made up of network members and Globalink staff. Certain project committees are set up with the membership to focus on individual projects in which the membership has an interest. Globalink provides a monthly update to all members on all programs.

New applicants to Globalink are listed in the Globalink directory so that members can provide feedback, either positive or negative. Once a applicant has been approved, they are not considered a Member in Good Standing, until they have paid their membership dues. Once a member is in Good Standing, they are provided a username and password to enter the Members Only section of the Globalink website, where all member contact information is listed.

Our Founder

Bill pic - revisedThe founder of the Globalink network is William J. Siemens, III. Throughout his career William has worked for and owned forwarding companies, in the United States and in the Middle East. He has also been a principal in an international transportation auditing firm and has served as a consultant for other forwarding companies and networks. William received his degree in International Affairs from Occidental College, in Los Angeles, in 1974, cum laude. His career highlights include creating a number of unique and innovative international shipping programs for major corporations including Occidental Oil and Gas, Raychem Corporation, General Motors and others.

In addition to program development, Williams’ focus has been marketing, business development and sales training. Relying on his twenty-five (25) years of hands-on experience in the international freight forwarding, William J. Siemens, III founded Globalink Network to be a superior association for freight forwarders. William concludes,

“After working in this industry for many years, I believe the independent freight forwarder network is the best model available to allow the local and regional companies to effectively compete against the large multinational companies. A properly set up network, which only allows strictly qualified membership, will leverage the dedication and commitment of the independent forwarder in ways the large multinational can’t possibly match. These resources, supported by proactive network support, allow the independent freight forwarder to exceed customer expectations while preserving the unique character and qualities of the independent forwarder.”