One could continue to eat soup like this gentlemen but what if there was an easier way?

When it comes with working with overseas agents, independent forwarders have had one model to work with, the Agent to Agent Model. We all know this  model works to a certain degree but it has lots of problems, just like this picture.

The Agent to Agent Model:

Is very risky,

 You can’t know what is going on with all your agents. You might know those with whom you have lots of contacts, but those with whom you have less contact, can change drastically without you knowing it. This can spell huge trouble.

Is not safe,

Unless you do loads of business with a particular agent, you have very little leverage over them when problems arise. It’s just a fact and a real problem with this approach.

Brings no support

If something gets off the rails, it’s you against your agent. this isn’t always the best way to get things resolved. In fact miscommunication often drives mistrust and misunderstanding. Having a neutral third party to turn to mediate such disputes is invaluable.

Is not designed to help you Grow Your Business

We all know every agent you work with wants to dance with every possible girl at the party. They tell you they will develop business with you, but how many others do you think that are saying this same to? Unless you can threaten them with pulling your business, why wouldn’t they continue to get as much from as many other sources? This works against any chance of building business especially in trade lanes you are looking to develop.

The Globalink Network offers you a fair better model.

Our members look to build business together. Working within a network with common agreements and commitments, our members look to work with other members in the network because its a safer, more productive way to work. Being one of the few networks that mandates that members sign a common Agency Agreement and a set of Member Commitments, Globalink maintains standards amongst Members to which all Members are held accountable. This creates a far safer environment, especially considering the leverages of holding payments or shipments throughout the network, to encourage a Member’s compliance. For this reason, our Members look to book business within the Network. Our Members look to work with other Members, creating a unique source of new business for your company.

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Bill Siemens, CEO, The Globalink Network