Dear Stephy, Will & Bill,

Congratulations for this wonderfully organized meeting, and thank you for the opportunity of developing new businesses with such good partners and friends.

Thanks particularly for the new members that have been joined during last year, with whom for sure, we will develop and start interesting projects together.

A big hug and see you next year wherever next convention is hold.

Thanks for all!!!!María Pérez- Cargo Services

All the best for the following year!!

Best regards,

María Pérez Bellido
Directora Comercial

María Pérez Bellido

Omegair- Vertical


Dear Globalink Members,

I want to thank you very much everyone of you for the meeting in Vietnam – Da Nang. I thank on behalf OMEGAir CARGO Ltd from Poland, we are in Globalink since 2005.

This meeting was for me very sensitive as I see how your companies grow and reaches global market in the way of professional and responsible service in cargo forwarding business. Mr. Bill Siemens repeats many times that business follow the relations between the people. It is true! This is an universal value of our life and activity. First of all we watch on each other and this need a time to be more familiar with the differences of our cultural and business understanding.

I could say more that differences are opportunity to discover more how to develop new possibilities. Finally our relations goes deeper then business activities and we can watch on people who are not in immediate charge of money interchange but still in the relations, even business.

I have noticed Vietnam history is great and very complicated and I wish this country and its citizens to be in a good condition for a long time as it is right now and even better.Ark -Arkadiusz Jasinski- Poland

OMEGAir CARGO represented by Mr Arkadiusz Jasinski and Mr Artur Maciejewski wants to support all of You – Globalink Members from our side, form Poland which is in a middle of Europe. We have own locations all around Poland: Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Gdynia, Gdansk and Szczecin (Stettin). We invite you to co-operation with us.

Best regards.

Arkadiusz Jasinski

Arkadiusz Jasinski

 Total Freight

Dear Bill,

I absolutely got the same impression (a positive one), this was no doubt a very good Globalink meeting! I rarely felt so relaxed during a meeting despite our fully loaded schedule.

I would like to thank you, Will and Stephy for all the great work you had put into this meeting. It was another wonderful Globalink experience indeed, and as you know this was not my first meeting, so I think I can judge the quality of a meeting by now.DSC00920

Great job, thank you all very much again!

Brgds from one of the founding members,


Jean-Claude (JC) Rossé


Hope each of you have reached back home .

It was pleasure to meet on one to one over meeting and many of you over coffee/lunch and drinks session.

This is our second year in conference and would like to convey that every minute I spend was worth it. Have met many of wonderful people and have taken back lot of good memories.

Rejesh Bhanushali

Looking forward for good biz for East Africa.

Have great weekend.


Rajesh Bhanushali.

Rajesh Bhanushali



It was great to make it to Da Nang and catch up with Globalink family members all under one roof in a relaxed surrounding.

Thanks to Bill, Vinafreight and all the sponsors for making this a memorable meet.

The talks on Amazon and Alibaba entering into Logistic was eye opener. The potential partnership / support from Etihad surely will benefit not only the large airfreight members but also will help the smaller ones indirectly.

The keynote of building relationship by meeting face to face and discussing open issues, problems, difficulty of jobs done during the past year and how to overcome same and go forward between agents is I believe the best thing during this conference.RK photo

We are in UAE with Jebel Ali as the best transit port and Dubai and DWC airport offering huge opportunities for sea and air opportunities for destinations you may not be able to reach easily. Also our neighboring country will soon be opening to huge opportunities in terms of shipping. Please feel free to use our knowledge and expertise in the region going back to 47 years.

Let us all continue to work on the points discussed during this meeting and share any info which may benefit all the members.

Riaz Karmali



Dear Globalink family,

On behalf of myself and Mark El Noumeir;

We wish that all of you had a safe flight back home.

We would like to thank Bill, Stephy and Will for their efforts for making this meeting possible.

Also we want to thank Vina Freight, Atoll Logistics and Sunoble Logistics for their efforts and welcoming for all of us.

We want to welcome all of the new members to the Globalink family, it was nice meeting you and hope you would have a great business through Globalink network.Sherif El Noumeir

Finally, we would like to thank all the companies that had one-on-one meetings with us and for those companies we didn’t had the opportunity to meet we hope  we could meet at the next meeting, hope we would all cooperate together.


Sherif El Noumeir

Sherif El Noumeir

Global Logistics Solutions (1)

Dear All Globalinkers,

Wishing you one more year of success & happiness till we meet next time.

Special thanks to Bill , Stephy, Will & Jennifer ( behind the scenes ) .

We had a very fruitful meeting & went live with our co-operation on new businesses while we were still in Vietnam, we hope this business grows forever.

Please feel to contact self & Asif or any of our colleagues thru mail, phone ( including wtsapp + 91 98400 32012) or Skype: naveenacmchn  we will be happy to support you.

If any one of you are planning a vacation/ business visit to India please do not hesitate to contact us we are here to extend our hospitality to you it doesn’t matter if we do any business together or not what is important is that you are all in Globalink family.Naveen Prakash

Last but not the least, please make time to get in touch with Nick Keegan of The Kianh Foundation, his team is doing a fabulous job.

Thank you once again & wishing you a lot of blessing during the Holy week .

Happy Easter.

Naveen Prakash / Asif Mujawar / Jiss Mathew & 170 more colleagues of GLS India.

Naveen Prakash


Bill and team – I am back in Montreal after a week in Singapore.

I simply wanted to thank you all for a flawlessly organized Annual Meeting in Danang.  The venue was very well chosen.Guy tombs

You make it look easy – but bringing together such the diverse, and occasionally unruly bunch, that we are us is a fine art.

Looking forward to future encounters!

Best regards,


Guy Tombs



It was a great pleasure to meet all the members attending this year global meeting in Danang Vietnam. First I would like to thank to Bill, Will and Stephy as well sponsors Vina Freight, Atoll Logistics and Sunoble Logistics.
I am very glad to have opportunity to meet so many professionals in one place as Danang. It was a big surprise to me that the expression “world is a global village” is so close to me. It’s nice to hear Barbara Janczarukfrom many of you that we have the same professional background and many mutual friends and colleagues from our previous occupations where I was better known as Barbara Lazarczak (my maiden name). I am looking forward to build business relations with all of you or expand existing one.

You can contact me by e-mail: or skype:barbaralazarczak

Wishing you a warm and wonderful Easter and a happy Spring!

Barbara Janczaruk

Barbara Janczaruk